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Texas Water Heaters/files/texas-heaters.jpg$512-215-1636120 Iron Horse Dr, Hutto TX
Texas Water Heaters/files/texas-heaters.jpg512-215-1636$120 Iron Horse Dr, Hutto TX starstarstarstarstar 4.6 / 5 | 663 Total Reviews

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Texas Water Heaters/files/texas-heaters.jpg$120 Iron Horse Dr, Hutto TX 512-215-1636"Lousy. New build with plumbing by Victoria and none of the three showers functioned. Then I don’t get an appointment for two weeks to have a technician come fix it. They have not been here yet but not expecting great things from them. "
from Florence, TX on September 8th, 2022
5 (1 / 5)
Texas Water Heaters/files/texas-heaters.jpg$120 Iron Horse Dr, Hutto TX 512-215-1636"I was not told that I would not be getting a Rheem water heater. Instead a received a Bradford which the technician could not tell me anything about. I did not receive any warranty information with the water heater, the technician burned (literally - set it on fire) the limited "instructions" that came with the water heater. The invoice does not have a breakdown, so I am unaware of exactly how MUCH the water heater costs or how MUCH the installation costs. I feel I have been been charged excessively! Additionally, the Tech left an absolute mess in the area he was working in. I feel like I have no choice but to report this to the BBB!"
from Manor, TX on December 12th, 2018
5 (1 / 5)